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Family who fled to US over right to homeschool children faces deportation after 15 years

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WZTV) — A nonprofit group is taking up the case of a family it says faces deportation from the U.S., 15 years after arriving...

Former teacher says online credit-recovery courses invite cheating

When government officials and school leaders closed classrooms because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many students switched to virtual learning. Some schools, however, have continued to utilize virtual options for students,

California schools chief Tony Thurmond announces run to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2026

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond, a Bay Area Democrat, announced Tuesday that he’s running for Governor in 2026, joining...

The Lockdowns Made Homeschooling More Diverse

New polling from The Washington Post shows that contrary to stereotypes, homeschooling families are more diverse and less religious than ever. The new data indicate that parents have a wide

HS football rankings 2023 (Week 4): Big movement at the bottom of the Top 5

Teams checking in and out’s high school football rankings has become a weekly occurrence. And this week is no different as an unranked team...

Interior Department Launches Effort to Preserve Federal Indian Boarding School Oral History

WASHINGTON — The Department of the Interior today announced the launch of an oral history project that will document and make accessible the experiences of the...

What Is the Best Way to Study for A Test?

Are you feeling stressed about an upcoming test but don't know how to make sure you're well-prepared? You are not alone! Studying for a test can bring up a lot

Local 6th Grader Completes 40 Book Challenge in September

It is only the end of September and one sixth grade MGMS Bobcat has already completed the 40 Book Challenge. Congratulations, Kayla P. Way to reach higher by reading!Visit here

More students gain eligibility for free school meals under expanded US program

WASHINGTON — Millions of additional students in schools serving low-income communities will be eligible to receive breakfast and lunch at no cost under a rule change announced Tuesday by the

Do We Need A University Degree In The Future? Why A “University Of Lifetime Learning” Is The Logical Next Step

The assumption that a university education guarantees lifelong success has come under scrutiny in recent years. A typical four-year university education in the United States can...

University of Kentucky Condemns Derogatory Protest on Campus

A troubling incident occurred at the University of Kentucky when protestors wearing provocative slogans on their shirts disrupted campus peace. These slogans, which included phrases like 'women are property' and

Meet the 6’11” exchange student playing football for Northwest Christian

PHOENIX — He’s helmet and shoulder pads about the rest. Meet 6’11" Adam Pecnik from Slovakia. The Northwest Christian senior exchange student is a long way...

America’s poor math skills raise alarms over global competitiveness

BOSTON (AP) — Like a lot of high school students, Kevin Tran loves superheroes, though perhaps for different reasons than his classmates. “They’re all insanely smart....

Student Loan Payments Restarting in October: Important Details for Borrowers

Student loan payments are set to resume on October 1st in the U.S., following a three-year pause due to the pandemic. With this date quickly approaching, borrowers are facing new

Education Math Global Competition

America's poor math skills raise alarms over global competitiveness. The U.S. military, employers and economic development specialists have been raising...

Hundreds of colleges agree to make financial aid offers more transparent

There is a lot of variation in the financial aid letters colleges use to inform students of the cost of attending and the grants and loans...

The MENA Problem | Loud People, Quiet Spaces

At Boston University, similarly to many other institutions, it is not uncommon to encounter the standard International Relations major focusing their region on what is known...

A Farmworker’s Daughter’s Resilient Transition from Rural Struggles to College Success

Mayra Jiménez, a farmworker's daughter, overcame rural struggles and language barriers to excel academically in the U.S. She is now a finance student at Saint Mary's College, aspiring to run

California governor signs law requiring gender-neutral bathrooms in schools by 2026

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a law requiring K-12 schools to provide gender-neutral bathrooms by July 2026. The new law, Senate Bill 760, was among...

Two guns found on local school campuses

The guns were found over the course of three days and...

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